Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Beach Favorites Magazine

Including information on the areas of Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach and Murrells Inlet, this magazine offers information useful not only to our Seasonal visitors but for the locals as well. Take a look at the digital copy and learn more about the area now.

It’s not a secret that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a staple in the tourism industry and has been for generations. Every year, millions of vacationers spill into the city to indulge in all of what the Grand Strand has to offer. Our beautiful coastal community has hundreds of entertainment and recreational activities that keep families coming back year after year. Maybe it’s the white sandy beaches, mouth-watering cuisine or award-winning golf that entices thousands every year. Whatever the reason, Myrtle Beach has been the #1 choice for vacation-seekers for decades. Above anything else, our unwavering Southern hospitality will make your vacation feel more like a home away from home. 

For those who don’t know, there is a quieter and calmer side to the Grand Strand many tourists have yet to discover. You can find the residential town of Surfside Beach quietly tucked away just south of Myrtle Beach. Any vacationers savvy enough to discover Surfside have found that our beach offers them the perfect balance. Surfside Beach is the right choice for the ambiguous vacationer who wants to relax and unwind during their getaway without being too far away from the action. If you travel down a little further, you can find the even smaller town of Garden City nestled away for those families wanting to settle in an even quieter setting. With both being a short distance from the city, Surfside Beach and Garden City offer the perfect remedy for any family wanting to enjoy the best of both worlds.