Surfside Realty Vacation Rental Information

Find out about Check-In and Check-Out times, Deposits, Pets and More!

During the summer months, weekly reservation check-in time is between 4:30 - 6 PM SATURDAY and end 10 AM the following SATURDAY. PARTIAL week reservations will NOT be made more than a week in advance and subject to unit availability. Any deviation from the Saturday to Saturday check-in and check-out dates can ONLY be made on a last minute basis and subject to availability of inventory.

**Off-Season Note: Selected properties may only be available for Saturday to Saturday rental during April, May and September.


Proper Age for Rental.  The rental agreements between Surfside Realty and the Owner prohibit Surfside Realty from renting the Premises to chaperoned or un-chaperoned non-family groups unless all members are 25 years of age or older. By signing this Agreement, Guest represents that his/her stay on the Premises will not violate this provision.  Should Guest violate this provision, they will be required to vacate the Premises immediately, without refund.  


 After making a reservation, a Deposit Request Agreement will be sent to the email address on file. Surfside Realty has implemented an electronic signature document for your convenience.  

This agreement is required to be filled out and signed by the person holding the reservation within 48 hours of booking

SailboatsCheck-in is on Saturday between 4:30PM and 6PM during June, July and August only (for other months, please check with our office for check-in times). Please plan your arrival according to the hours of Check-In as we CANNOT guarantee accommodations before the stated check-in hours. You will need to stop at Surfside Realty to register and receive keys. Please Do NOT go to your rental unit before checking in. All final payments should be PAID IN FULL 30 days prior to check-in date (except for last minute reservations). Personal checks are not accepted less than 30 days prior to arrival. Our office closes at 5:30PM, EXCEPT on Saturdays during June, July and August; during off-season months, our office closes at 4:30PM on Saturdays. If you will be a late arrival, please notify our office so specific arrangements can be made for you. (Please check with our office for Off-Season and Holiday hours of opening and closing times.)

Tax: Tax rate may change without notice. Currently the tax rate is 12%.

Keyless Entry – If you’re staying at a keyless property go straight there to Check-In at 4:30pmClick here to watch instructions on how to operate lock. Remember at Check – Out to lock door and then enter *0* (star, zero, star).

Departure maid service is included in all rental rates. Before checking-out, Guests agree to  prepare the unit for departure by emptying the refrigerator, taking out all trash, place any dirty dishes in dishwasher and set to start, remove all rented linens and place in linen bags, and placed outside the front door, close & lock all windows, close blinds and/or drapes, turn out all lights, lock doors and return all keys to our office. Should you depart prior to our office opening, you may drop keys in the key drop slot to the right of our office front door.

Guests agree to pay a charge of $150.00 if they take any action that will delay others from timely checking-in, including, but not limited to, the failure of the Guest to timely check-out. NO late check-outs allowed.

Keyless Entry Check-Out: Lock door and then enter *0* (star, zero, star).

A deposit is required at the time of booking. For on-line reservations, a 50% deposit will be charged to the credit card on file within 24 hours of booking the reservation. Balance, including sales tax and accommodation tax on total rent will be due 30 days prior to check-in day. There will be a $110 Peace of Mind Protection charged on all condo rentals and $200 charged on all houses.

Peace of Mind Protection (“Protection”) covers Guest up to $500.00 (condo) or up to $1,000.00 (house) for any accidental damage that occurs to the Premises during Guest’s stay. The Protection does not cover any other property. The Protection does not cover any property owned by Guest or brought onto the Premises by Guest or any other person. In order for the Protection to apply, Guest must immediately report any and all accidental damage to Surfside Realty staff within 24 hours of the event causing damage. Upon timely report, Surfside Realty will investigate the claim, and Surfside Realty will then, in its sole and absolute discretion, determine whether the Protection applies to cover the loss. The failure of the Guest to timely report incidents will result in the loss of the Protection. The Protection does NOT cover acts of God, intentional acts, damage caused by unauthorized acts on the Premises, such as, but not limited to, smoking, any damage not timely reported to Surfside Realty within 24 hours, theft without a police report, and/or damages caused by any pet or other animal brought onto the premises.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy: Guest shall be responsible for paying a deposit for the Premises at the time of booking.  The deposit will be applied to the rental charges for the Guest’s stay. Guest must timely cancel or change a reservation within twenty-four hours after booking in order to be entitled to a full refund of their deposit. If Guest timely cancels or changes their reservation (within twenty-four hours of booking), Guest shall be entitled to the return of any deposit paid in the case of a timely cancellation and to apply the deposit towards a new property in the case of a timely change in reservation.

If Guest fails to timely cancel or change their reservation, the deposit will not be refunded until and unless the Premises is re-rented in full by Agent. If the Premises is re-rented in full, the deposit will be refunded less twenty percent of the deposit and any booking fees paid, which includes, but is not limited to, the Peace of Mind fee, Resort fee, amounts paid for Travel Insurance, and any Advance Tentative Reservation fee.  If Guest fails to timely cancel or change their reservation and the Premises is re-rented by the Agent at a lower Weekly Advertised Rental Rate, the Guest will be refunded less the difference of the Weekly Advertised Rental Rates due, twenty percent of the deposit, and any booking fees paid.

After Guest pays the deposit, Agent will establish a deadline for Guest to pay the balance of the cost and fees associated with renting the Premises. Guest will be required to timely pay the balance for renting the Premises in accordance with the deadline set by Agent. If Guest fails to timely make payment in accordance with the deadline established by Agent, Guest will forfeit their deposit, will not receive a refund, and the reservation will be cancelled.  If Guest cancels the reservation after paying the full amount due, the amount paid will not be refunded until and unless the Premises is re-rented in full by Agent. If the Premises is re-rented in full, the amount paid will be refunded less twenty percent of the Advertised Weekly Rental Rate paid by Guest and any fees paid, which includes, but is no limited to, the Peace of Mind fee, Resort fee, amounts paid for Travel Insurance, and any Advance Tentative Reservation fee. If the Premises is re-rented at a discounted Weekly Advertised Rental Rate, the Guest will be refunded the discounted Weekly Advertised Rental Rate, less twenty percent of the original Weekly Advertised Rental Rate paid by Guest and any fees paid.

This agency reserves the right to refund deposit OR discontinue occupancy, if, in Agent's opinion, same is detrimental to premises.


Surfside Realty Co., Inc is now offering Travel Protection through Red Sky Travel Insurance.

If you DO NOT wish to purchase Red Sky Travel Insurance you may REMOVE the charge by initialing where indicated on the rental agreement.

We strongly recommend this insurance coverage. Agent offers Travel Insurance to Guest through Red Sky Travel Insurance. When a vacation is interrupted as a result of injury, sickness, death, mandatory evacuations due to weather or certain other perils beyond one’s control, the Travel Insurance offered through Red Sky may cover non-refundable payments and other identified costs made by Guest. All decisions as to whether to provide coverage are made exclusively by Red Sky.  Surfside Realty plays no part in making decisions on claims filed by Guest to Red Sky. For questions about coverage, Guest should contact Red Sky.  This Agreement should not be construed in any way as a guarantee by Surfside Realty as to what events may or may not be covered by Travel Insurance, as all such decisions are made exclusively by Red Sky.  If a Guest declines Travel Insurance, a refund will not be given for any unforeseen event which impacts Guest’s vacation, including, but not limiting to, mandatory evacuations.  If the Governor of South Carolina issues a mandatory evacuation order, state law, S.C. Code § 27-50-260, requires the Guest to comply with all evacuation orders. 

For further information regarding COVID-19 and on what is covered by a Travel Insurance Policy, please visit for FAQs. 

If you have any questions regarding the insurance, please contact Red Sky directly at 866-889-7409. NO INSURANCE REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AT CHECK-IN.

All Surfside Beach rentals, Garden City Beach rentals, and Myrtle Beach rentals are completely furnished except for linens. Linen Rental is available; ask reservationists for details. The Premises is a privately owned dwelling with the Owner’s furnishings, and neither Surfside Realty nor the Owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment not available presently on the Premises.The Guest is not authorized to move furniture located inside or outside the Premises.  If the Guest does so, the Guest will be responsible for paying reasonable costs associated with returning the furniture to its prior positions.  Such costs range from $75.00 to $200.00.

The Premises is smoke free.  No smoking is authorized on any portion of the Premises whatsoever.  This prohibition prevents any smoking inside the Premises, and it also prohibits smoking on any of the decks, porches, or balconies of the Premises.  If smoking occurs on any portion of the Premises, the Guest will be responsible for the costs of returning the Premises to the condition it was in before the unauthorized smoking occurred.  Such costs may range from $150.00 to $10,000.00.

Guest will have no more in their party to use and occupy the Premises than the maximum guests as stated on the property website page. Surfside Realty does not permit any of our properties to be used as a venue to host events. 

No Campers, RVs, or Motorhomes are permitted to be parked at the Premises.  Motorcycles, Trailers, or Golf Carts are not permitted at any condo complexes.   Agent will not be held liable for the ability or lack thereof to charge a rental or personal golf cart.

NO FIREWORKS of any are permitted on the rental property premises. GRILLING IS PROHIBITED on decks and balconies and underneath buildings.


Houses advertised with heated pool will be heated during the following time periods: March 1st- June 1st and September 1st- November 1st of each year. Please note that pool heaters will not operate if the air temperature surrounding the heat pump drops below 55 degrees fahrenheit. The pool heat will only heat the water 10 to 15 degree warmer than the air temperature.

Houses that offer pool (standard size) heat have an additional fee of $375 (electric) or $500 (gas) and must be requested to be added to the reservation. A few of our premier homes that have oversized pools have an additional fee of $600 to heat.

NOTE: Although every precaution is taken, errors in prices and descriptions do occur. We reserve the right to correct such errors. All rental rates, furnishings and equipment are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Every rental unit is privately owned and reflects each owner's individual taste and requirements. The condition of the property varies according to the age of the property and care given by the individual owner. If you have specific standards or requirements, we advise personal inspection of the rental unit prior to making your reservation.


Parking will be limited at the Premises. Generally, a Guest will not be able to park more than four (4) cars at a home or more than one (1) car at a condo.  If Guest desires additional parking, he/she should contact Surfside Realty to see whether additional parking is available. Parking or driving on lawns or streets is strictly prohibited and will result in a charge of $500. In the event the Guest receives a citation for a parking violation during their stay, on or off the rental property, Agent will not be held liable.

In the event that the property you are renting is on the market for sale, we may find the need to show the property during your visit. We will make every effort to schedule the showing at a convenient time and not interrupt your vacation.

CHECK for the following items that may be needed during your stay: salt, pepper, sugar, kitchen towels, coffee filters, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, soap, washing detergents, cleaning products and coat hangers. These items are NOT provided by the owner or the rental agent.

Dogs only are allowed only in properties that are listed as Pet Friendly.  Absolutely no pets are allowed in properties not listed as Pet Friendly.  A $250 mandatory, non-refundable pet deposit (per pet) will be charged to all reservations. Each pet friendly property is allowed a maximum of 2 pets per reservation. Guests agree to pay a charge of $150.00 if animal waste is not disposed of properly.

 If a Guest brings or allows a pet to enter a non-pet friendly Premises, the Guest will be responsible for paying for all costs associated with returning the Premises to the condition it was in before the unauthorized pet was present on the Premises.  While the costs may vary, a Guest is typically required to pay $1,000.00 per animal to return the Premises to the condition it was in prior to the unauthorized pet. 


All equipment in each rental unit should be in working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly! We will make every reasonable effort to have the repairs made as soon as possible. NO REDUCTION, REBATE OR REFUND of rent will be issued for any mechanical failure of air conditioning/heat, dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal, TV, washer/dryer or other appliances, or Elevators. NOTE: Service request called in after 5 P.M. may NOT be handled until the following day.


Advance Tentative Reservations.  Guest may desire to stay at the same Premises during the same week the following year.  If Guest wishes to do so, Guest must timely pay an Advance Tentative Reservation fee to reserve the Premises for the same week the following year.  The Advanced Tentative Reservation fee for condos is $50.00. The Advanced Tentative Reservation fee for houses is $100.00. The Advanced Tentative Reservation fee only reserves the Guest’s right to the Premises on the reserved dates and DOES NOT apply to the rental rate for the Premises for the following year. Guest must pay the Advance Tentative Reservation fee by Tuesday after check-out. Personal checks are accepted for advance reservations if received thirty days prior to arrival. If Guest fails to timely pay the Advance Tentative Reservation fee, Guest risks losing the ability to rent the Premises the following year.  The Advance Tentative Reservation fee is not transferable and will be refunded only if the requested condo or home is not available for occupancy on the reserved dates. Guests who pay an Advanced Tentative Reservation fee will be required to pay a deposit for the Property two weeks after they receive the Deposit Request Agreement via email.  The Deposit Request Agreement will be sent when Agent publishes the Premise’s rental rates for the following year.

Accepted Forms of Payment.  Reservations can be paid with cash, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, bank issued money orders, personal checks, e-checks, or credit card. E-checks and personal checks are NOT accepted within 14-days of arrival.  Reservations paid with a credit card will have a 3% transaction fee. Credit card transaction fees are nonrefundable.

Surfside Realty Co., Inc. is NOT RESPONSIBLE for personal items left in rental units. If you request us to pick up and mail items to you, if found, your credit card information will be required for us to mail items to you. Items will only be held for 30 days after you check out. After the 30 days we will donate the items to local.

Most of our unit owners maintain a locked closet and/or utility room in their unit for storage of personal possessions. Please respect these locked closets and utility rooms. They ARE NOT included in your rental. 

Guest assumes responsibility for keys distributed to them during their stay. A lost, missing, or broken key will result in a $15 charge per key. In the event the Guest is locked out of the property, a $60 lockout fee will be charged.


9 AM - 5:30 PM Weekdays, 9 AM - 4:30 PM Saturday, CLOSED Sunday
June - July - August: 9 AM - 5:30 PM Weekdays,  9 AM - 6 PM Saturday, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Sunday

Off season Closed on Sunday
For emergency after hours call 843-626-4078

Rules of the Beach

Surfside Beach

  • · Dogs or other domestic pets are not permitted on the public beach during the period between May 15 and September 15.
  • · Horses and other large animals are not allowed on the beach.

Georgetown County

  • · Dogs are allowed on public beaches if accompanied by the owner or keeper and under the physical control by means of a leash or similar restraining device, or under the control of a responsible person to whom the dog is obedient on command. On Pawleys Island beach, dogs must be on a leash May-October. At Huntington Beach State Park, dogs must be on a leash at all times. In areas designated for the protection of endangered species, dogs and cats must be on a leash at all times. Horses are not allowed on the beach March 15-Sept. 15. Riding horses on Pawleys Island or Huntington Beach State Park is prohibited year round.

Surfside Realty can provide a linen package for any vacation rental.  The package includes sheets for all beds (including sleeper sofas), 2 bath towels/2 washcloths per person the property sleeps, 1 kitchen towel, and 1 dish cloth.  The linens are delivered to the property in bags. They will be delivered at check in time (4:30pm-6pm) or shortly after. Guests can request this service at the time of booking or by calling a vacation planner to add the service to the reservation. *Adding the service less than a week prior to arrival date will result in a late fee.

Only select premier homes (9+ bedrooms) offer linen service and bed set up included in rental rate.  Guest can request a bed set-up in which all beds will be made at arrival. The top bunkbeds and sleeper sofas will not be made. This service is an additional $10 per bed. The pricing for linen packages are determined by number of bedrooms.

1 Bedroom/Studio: $118.00

2 Bedroom: $120.00

3 Bedroom: $150.00

4 Bedroom: $236.00

5 Bedroom: $248.00

6 Bedroom: $265.00

7 Bedroom: $384.00

8 Bedroom: $408.00

The linens at your vacation home are property of Surfside Realty Company. Guest understands that if LINENS are missing/damaged or not placed in laundry bag at departure, they should be prepared to have credit card on file charged. 

Guest is responsible for care and attention to linens.

Guest will be held responsible for any linen that goes missing prior to departure.

Guest is responsible for removing all dirty linens from beds and depositing back in colored laundry bag(s).


Guest is responsible for placing dirty linen outside the door that you entered upon ARRIVAL at CHECK OUT.